Prom Dress Envy: Making your prom night perfect

When you understand what to look for, picking a prom gown can be one of the most fun experiences of your high school life. You can look beautiful on a budget when you stick to a couple of simple rules.

Choosing the right color for your prom dress will do wonders in the way you look. A color that complements your hair and skin color is a perfect match. Not only will this color highlight your attributes but it will also make you stunning. You can also consider the color of the theme and the season. Don’t forget to have your prom date wear accessories the same color as your dress.

Picking a dress size, pick a dress that fits your body properly. Do not get a gown that is one size smaller or bigger than your actual size. A too tight dress will give you difficulties in breathing and will emphasize your flab and bulges. Now you can start thinking about what kind of dress you want, according to how formal the dress code usually is. Search for floor length gowns and elegant heels if it’s a very formal occasion, but for more casual dances, short dresses are okay. Also decide what shape you want. Several dresses are fitted, while others flow away from the body. There are countless strap options, from one-shoulder to halter to totally strapless. Know what types of dresses you want so you can go straight to those when you start shopping.

A great shoe for prom is important. Pick a heel length that you are comfortable with. Whether it is low, medium, or high heels. If you are not a heels person, dressy sandals are suitable. What is important in a shoe is that you are comfortable in wearing and dancing in it.

Keep in mind that your look in this prom dance will be immortalized by pictures in your yearbook so it’s safer to stick with timeless and classic pieces. You can even re-use them if you are a bridesmaid or a flower girl at a friend’s wedding. Sure, it’s a good thing to be sporting a fad but these trends fade away soon so it’s better to avoid them.

Accessories are a must add-on as well. You can either choose a classic or stylish accessory, based on your budget and preferences. You can do or have somebody do your hair and makeup. Use only light makeup that will accentuate your attributes. Your makeup should match the color of your dress. In your hairstyle, select something that’s not too formal or too casual. You should also have your nails done especially if you are going to use open-toed sandals. You should look good and be clean all over.

Good underwear is also significant. Be sure to wear a strapless bra if your gown is strapless. A dangling bra strap doesn’t look nice. Also, be sure that there are no panty lines on your back part. If you’re well-prepared for your prom, definitely nothing will fail. Go and have a good time!

Choosing bridesmaid dress & Accesories

Getting the right bridal wedding accessories takes time and can cause a lot of anxiety as well as excitement to the bridesmaids.  Thus getting the right wedding accessories for the bridesmaids is of paramount importance. Before you buy the accessories you need to figure out exactly what dress you need. You need to do it in this order so that you can match the accessories to the nature of the dress.

Finding the best dress can be a time consuming task. Make sure you take your entourage with you and your shoes as you visit stores. If you want to have an idea of the prices beforehand make sure you. All the maids need to have matching dresses and the shop must have the capability of delivering these on times. Darker tones for bridesmaid dresses are preferred especially if the bride herself decides to go with a white based dress. Whilst you are shopping online you can also check out what to wear after the wedding at stylewe. You can find some stunning evening dresses too.

Another important tip for the bridesmaid dress is that it mustn’t be long like the bridal gown. Even skirted designs can look very elegant especially if you are in a hotter country. Take the mother of the bride along if you know she has amazing taste too. You can together pick out flower girl dresses too. Accessories are important for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. If the bride likes to wear plenty of jewellery then the maids can complement that too. Here are some suggestions.

When choosing bridal jewellery it’s important to know which metal will go well with your dress shed of color.

White bridesmaid gown – this will go well with pearls and platinum as the bright color of the wedding dress may clash with gold.

Diamond white gown – pearls, gold and silver would work quite well with barely this off white color.

Ivory bridesmaid dress – Gold jewellery is perfect for this color due to its yellow undertone.

As you choose your necklace and earrings, one other consideration is what the bride herself is wearing. You need accessories that compliment and not outshine the bride.

Here are some pointers on choosing the perfect necklace and earrings:-

Try to match your jewellery with the details of your bridesmaid dress and echo the theme of your bridal ensemble.

Follow your wedding gown neckline.  If the gown is strapless go for a more intricate necklace and opt for a simple necklace to go with dramatic earrings.

If not experimental stick to the classic timeless pieces like a pearl necklace, silver or gold chains with pendants.

You can add color to your wedding ensemble by adorning wedding jewellery with bold.

Drop earrings go well with long hair and lower necklines while stud earrings look good with an up do hairstyle and higher neckline.


They come in different varieties from gold, silver, pearls, flowers and various gemstones.    Bracelets look good with a wedding gown that is off shoulder, sleeveless or short sleeved.

Red Wedding Dresses

A new trend has captured the imagination of those getting married. The trend has been more popular because these days everyone wants to cheap white evening gowns personalize their wedding ceremony to make it memorable. This new trend is the Chinese flavours in the weddings. The specialty of this trend is that everything, starting from the invitations, favours to dresses, are all red in colour. In Chinese culture, the colour red represents festivity and joy. For any type of celebration Chinese people use red shades. The bridal gown that is traditionally used in China is called Qi Pao. It is just like a sheath, which is just a one-piece frock. When worn the Qi Pao looks beautiful as it hugs the body of the bride, with beautiful Phoenix embroideries on it. Qi Pao, though considered one of the works of art, can also be used to show off the beautiful curves of the female form. However in the regions of South China the tradition takes on a different flavour. The brides here prefer to wear a two-piece red Cheongsam. The Cheongsam are bright red in colour and have golden phoenix and dragon embroideries. In general the red cheap white evening gowns are masterpieces in terms of fabrics and embroideries.

In Chinese culture the images of phoenix and dragon on anything red is considered lucky and which acts as a protection from evil spirits. The symbols of phoenix and dragon are also considered as the male and female power balancing each other. The Sheath/Column cheap white evening gowns are made from precious silk fabrics and look elegant, bright and beautiful that is unmatched by anything similar. You can have the Chinese dress for your wedding and in addition you can wear a red veil as per the tradition in order to complete your bridal attire. Adding the Chinese flavour to your wedding will be exciting and something out of the world and who knows the red wedding dress may prove a blessing for your new married life. With the classic white colour, mermaid silhouette and taffeta fabric, it is the perfect wedding gown in your dream. You will be amazed by the premium quality and great craft at the very sight of it.

You can learn methods of measuring by the following measuring instructions that are given to you in the accessories shop. Because of the high producing standard, it has many procedures including plate making, tailoring, hand tailoring, sewing, embroidering and so on.

How to Measure Your Body for a Prom or bridal Dress

1. Measure your bust (chest) around the fullest part. Using a tape measure, wrap it around the largest part of your bust. Be sure you are wearing the bra that you intend on wearing with your prom dress for the most accurate measurement. Take in a breath as you measure to account for breathing room in your prom dress. Also, be sure to have your arms relaxed and by your side, not above your head.

2. Wrap the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist to get the correct waist measurement. The smallest part of your waist is usually right above your belly button. Stand up straight with good posture when you measure your waist. Poor posture can lead to a prom dress that bunches in the waist.

3. To measure your hips, make sure that the tape measure is around the fullest part of your hips and rear. If you don`t buy a prom dress big enough to fit your hips and rear properly, you could end up splitting the dress in the back while dancing with your prom date. That`s an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that is easily prevented with accurate dress measurements.

4. Don`t forget to measure for dress length. Put on the shoes that you`ll be wearing to prom when you measure length. Then measure your body from the tops of your shoulders to the heels of your shoes. Not taking length measurements before you buy a prom dress could result in a dress that is too short or too long for your body.

Mistakes when Choosing Dresses for a Wedding

Wedding is a big and tough decision of life, but what’s tougher is the arrangement of a wedding after saying ‘yes’ to your partner. Selecting each and everything to make the special day more meaningful is the dream of everyone. To fulfill this dream, let’s start from shopping. Finding the perfect wedding dresses is way tougher than solving a riddle. Often they do some horrible mistakes when choosing dresses for the brides, bridesmaid and for mother of the bride or some close relatives. Here are ten mistakes everyone may be aware of and avoid doing them while shopping:

Having No estimated budget: Expenses are going to be a shocking amount for you if you have no plan or you haven’t set any budget. Make a plan and stick to it while shopping. There are so many dresses you have to buy for that special day. Estimate the total budget that includes dresses for bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaid. Accessories should be included within this budget as well. Going wedding shopping without setting the budget will be the biggest mistake that can ruin other plans too.

Going shopping with a team: People often get excited about shopping and take a bunch with them thinking that may help reducing the burden. Different people have different views about dresses and only you know what’s allowed for your big day. Take one or two companions with you who have similar taste on dresses and will help you with genuine advice, not just flattering you with some ‘okay’ dresses.

Messing up sizes and colors: Out there in the markets you may not understand or choose the right sizes or colors even for your own. When buying your wedding dress, take enough time to trial as many dresses as you can to decide what’s best for you. After picking your gown, you can choose some complementary colors for the dresses of bridesmaid. Buy one size larger for everyone as altering is much easier for a large size than returning a small size.

Forgetting the lingerie: That’s one common mistake almost enough to ruin one expensive and beautiful dress. While trying on the dresses, one must wear suitable lingerie for that dress. Try a strapless bra that offers you great lifting when buying a bell shaped silhouette and watch the transformation. Wrong selection of lingerie often destroys the whole look of bride and bridesmaid.

Making hurry for everything: After engagement, some brides sit on relaxing until the wedding week knocks them. A perfect wedding needs a lot of planning and to execute the plans, you need enough time. Selection of dresses, getting them in hand and altering to fit the body– all these things need months to complete. There are other things to plan except shopping. So, it’s a must to start from the very next day of your engagement and then you might expect some good results.

Take a deep breath and set everything in your head first. How you want to look that day, where to find the quality products you are looking for and managing everything in time– may need hard work, but it is your wedding and you want no mess for sure.

Choosing Quality Wedding Dresses For The Whole Bridal Party

Every girl has that dream wedding in mind, right! I for one know exactly how I want the whole ceremony to look like. Coy, yeah, but a girl has to dream! The whole wedding planning process is a headache and here are a few tips on how to choose the right attire for each member of your whole bridal party.

-Choose your wedding dress first.

Your wedding dress should be suitable to your wedding scene. The type of dress should complement the place you’re getting married at. For example, a church wedding goes hand in hand with a ball dress with the right length. The choice comes from you knowing what style you are looking for and choose what makes you feel the best. Note down the design you want, use your best magazine picture or anything that inspires your wedding gown choice. This will help in pairing your perfect style with your character, your wedding scheme and wedding scene.

-Accessorize yourself.

As they say, always have something old, new, borrowed and blue! For a perfect dress, have the perfect accessory and undergarments. The veil, jewelry, the slip and the bra should be perfect. They should fit well and match perfectly too.

-Choose your bridesmaids gowns.

If it is a church wedding, again, choose a length appropriate for the church. An outdoor wedding may go hand in hand with a shorter bridesmaid dress or a longer one with breezy material, in case it is summer. All in all, choose a look you love and goes well with the wedding theme. Consider how they will look side-by-side at the venue and next to you in the photographs. Also, consider what they like and their opinions so as to have the best look at the end of the day. Chose what you all love.

-Dress the gentlemen in formal wear.

Tuxedos will make your groom and his gentlemen to stick out. However, suits will bring out a more casual suit. Whichever look you prefer, consider color synchronize their look to complement the bridesmaids’ dresses. Have a pop of color in the men’s ties, gavroche and even socks.

-Choose the flower girl’s apparel, your page boy’s attire and assist thebride’s mother and groom’s mother choose the ideal dress.

The flower girl can wear any color, not necessarily matching the bridesmaids’ dresses. She can put on the customary white dress or even a pink dress. What you prefer is what you go for. The page boy’s apparel should contend the groomsmen attire. The bride’s motheris always expected to choose her dress first then show the groom’s mother design choices so as to wear something close to her gown characteristics. They should mainly avoid wearing red, black or white. They should wear those colors only when the bride suggests they do so in order to match the wedding theme.

With these few tips, your wedding journey of choosing the best attire should be less stressing and easier than you though. Have a great wedding!

Wedding Dresses for your Big Day

The after preparation is a lot tougher than saying ‘yes’. Among all the preparations, try to remember that one thing of your focus when you attend a wedding. Yes, the wedding dress. With the wedding excitements, girls often find themselves at a loss when choosing their dresses. Making a list of bridal dresses you would love to wear on your wedding can help a lot. Not to forget about the dresses for bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid wears dresses that go with your fashion and elegancy. So begin your shopping at first for your gown. First to decide what suits you best. Take help from the people around you with a better fashion sense or you need to keep trust on fashion counselor. Don’t hesitate to try on their choices as sometimes you might not decide whether some ball shape gowns make you look wonderful or you just go strange with your favorite short gown. Take appointments of the boutiques and go for their trial. You need to decide what types can make you look flawless even if you have a little healthy body. It’s a must to know the body shape and some tricks to hide your traits that are not very favorable to you. Silhouette can be a good option if you are trying to highlight some special parts of your body. If you are a shopping person and do not like others opinion at shopping, browse yourself with all the dresses of your short-list and decide what makes you blushing when looking in the mirror. Trying something different is recommended as this is a one-time opportunity. Discover yourself with something incredible, but never tried before. Don’t forget your matching accessories to look gorgeous on your big day.

Bridesmaid can select their dresses on their own, but it is quite messy when many are there to decide the same. Choose a perfect shade or color and suggest them or shop your own with one or two friends. Choose one size larger considering everyone’s shape as it is easy to alter something big, but no way if they don’t fit in the dress because of smaller size. Think of something that goes with the theme of your wedding or with their own skin tones. Colors that will suit every skin tones like light gray or sliver can be a good choice. However, the pink or blue colors do not suit every skin tone. Reconsider your choice or decide with the help of your friends. Mother of the bride plays a good role here in choosing dresses for everyone. Her experience will help you a lot to reduce confusion. Take advice, browse choices with enough time and order them as soon as possible as the dresses need enough time to be delivered and then you might need to alter them that may also take two to three weeks. Nothing happens perfectly in a hurry. This is your big day and you don’t want to make a mess. Consider buying some quality undergarments also to perfectly match their strapless or square shaped dresses.

To find something exactly perfect for your wedding needs time and planning. Wedding dresses are the heart of a wedding and a lifetime memory. Enjoy being the bride with your lovely bridesmaid wearing some gorgeous wedding dresses worthy of you.